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The Gearon Arsenal is a mod of content different of others, adding the artifacts.

Artifacts are a class of accessories for change your game style, for example:

  • Witch Mask: make your mana cost convert to your life and increased your regeneration, it makes you don't need more mana. plus it has several other effects to help balance spells
  • Steroid Syringe: your ranged critical drop two supplies, on get this heal you or your allies

and others

in this mod too, exist the rework in Tridents to a magic weapon, after realizing that it are not used much, I improved them for another style of play, each attack will be able to hit with the trident itself but also each attack will release a projectile that if it has contact with water, it becomes more powerful

more content for the game:

  • new ore
  • new NPC
  • new Weapons
  • new Mini-Boss
  • new Armors
  • new Enemies