VS Code Extension Development Walkthrough POC - VanDammeYentl/vscode-viceroy Wiki

In order to be better prepared for the development of this project, it was decided to create a POC (Proof of concept). The goal of this POC was to get more familiar with the VS Code Extension development environment. This wiki will contain the findings of this POC (hardships, potential issues, work points, things to keep in mind, ...).

POC branch: https://github.com/VanDammeYentl/vscode-viceroy/tree/features/poc-setup-filter Note: This branch should NEVER be merged into the develop, or the main-branch. This branch is just for testing purposes.


We started by creating the scaffolding. So nothing was set up before starting on this POC. // from what did we start, and what is the current state of this POC (what can we show?)


// can't extend "Search Tree View", so need to create own dedicated tree view for the configurations We are not able to extend the "Search Tree View" container. This means that we'll need to pivot a bit and write our own implementation of that container. Then from there on out, we can add our additional features. This is a setback because it means we'll have to write code that already exists, but is not made available to us. On the other hand, we'll now be able to write an architecture of our own choosing.

// need custom SVG (gear combined with search icon?) For the POC we used an SVG download from the Internet. This was just for testing purposes. We should design our own, simple SVG. This SVG will be the icon that identifies our custom view container in the sidebar.

To Do List