Global Function: StaticFindObject - UE4SS/UE4SS Wiki

The StaticFindObject function is used to find any object that inherits from UObject that currently exists in memory.

This function is the recommended way of retrieving non-instance objects such as objects of type UClass or UFunction.

Parameters (overload #1)

# Type Information
1 string Full name of the object to find, without the type prefix

Parameters (overload #2)

The parameters for this overload mimics the StaticFindObject function from UE4.
For more information see: Unreal Engine API -> StaticFindObject

# Type Information
1 UClass The class of the object to find, can be nil.
2 UObject The outer to look inside. All packages are searched if nil.
3 string Name of the object to find
4 bool Whether to require an exact match with the UClass parameter

Return Value (overload #1 & #2)

# Type Information
1 UObject, UClass, or AActor Object is only valid if an instance was found

Example (overload #1)

local CharacterInstance = StaticFindObject("/Script/Engine.Character")
if not CharacterInstance:IsValid() then
    print("No instance of class 'Character' was found.")