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  1. What are punishments?
  2. How to ban someone?
  3. How to unban someone?

What are punishments?

Punishments should be set by the server administration. A punishment defines a fixed punishment for a specific rule violation. They make sure that similar rule violations are punished in the same way. In addition, the ban reasons are clearly defined, which guarantees a uniform wording. Punishments should not be deleted or changed after creation, otherwise the previous bans with this punishment will also be changed.

How to ban someone?

If you want to ban a player who is currently online, just type /ban.


Here you can select the player: Now select a reason. That's it.

**/ban command (If you want to ban an ip or a player who is offline):** First you need an id of the applicable punishment, which you find out with the command /punlist.


Here you can read the id (1), description (Hacking) and duration (30d) of the punishment. In my example, I have currently created only one punishment. Now you can ban the player you want. » Usage: /ban <player|ip> <punId>

/ban max123 1

Now the player max123 is banned for hacking. (30 days)

How to unban someone?

There are two ways to unban someone. The first way is the /unban command: » Usage: /unban <player|ip>

/unban max123

Now the player max123 is unbanned.

The second way is the /banlist command:


All banned players are listed here. If we now click on the desired player, a menu with information about the ban will open. Here you can simply click on Unban.