Installation - ThomasAndreini/GrowerAssistant Wiki

Grower Assistant was developed for the Raspberry pi platform, currently a Raspberry pi 2 is used to guarantee a low cost, but in the future new features will be implemented that may require a more powerful platform, so it makes sense to buy a Raspberry pi 3 or even better a pi 4 with 4 Gb of ram in order to be sure not to have problems with slowdowns or memory even in future releases.

You need these items:

Prepare micro SD

Download Raspberry pi OS light, you can donwload Raspberrypi imager here, install Raspberrypi imager, plug your micro SD in your computer and open Raspberrypi imager.

On operating system select Raspberry Pi OS (other) then Raspberry Pi OS Lite(32 bit), on storage select your micro sd card, finally make a click on write button. After process is finished close Raspberry Pi imager, write an empty text file named "ssh" (no file extension) to the boot partition of the card. When it sees the "ssh" on its first boot-up, Raspberry Pi OS will automatically enable SSH (Secure Socket Shell), which will allow you to remotely access the Pi command line from your PC.

Raspberry pi set

Remove your micro sd from computer and insert in Raspberry pi, plug ethernet cable and power plug. Aftes few minutes (depend what Raspberry Pi model you use), you can connect via ssh, insert address "raspberrypi", user "pi" and password "raspberry", after log in remember to change password via passwd command! Grower Assistan work strictly with time, so is more important to set your local time, change it with this command: sudo raspi-config Select Localisation Options then Timezone, select your country and your city, now exit with esc button. Now it's time to update your Raspberry, write on terminal:

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade -y

reboot Raspberry via command sudo reboot now

Install node red with this script:

bash <(curl -sL

Type y for install node red and node.js and type y again for install Rapberry Pi nodes, when installation is finish made node red run on startup:

sudo systemctl enable nodered.service