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TcNo Account Switcher - Riot Games

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How does the program work?

Collecting info (Locally only):

Switching accounts:

Managing accounts

Adding accounts to the Riot Games Switcher list:

  1. Click the Save Current button after logging into an account with Riot Games (Or one of the game clients, as it is shared). Do not "sign out" via Riot Games or any game, this will forget that accounts password.

Signing into new accounts in the Riot Games Switcher:

  1. Click the Add New button.
  2. Riot Game launchers, and games will close. Make sure to start one yourself, or click the buttons ingame, then they will ask you to input your user/pass. Enter the new details and make sure "Remember password" is checked. After login completes, make sure to click Save Current in the TcNo Account Switcher - Riot Games list, next to the launch. You should be able to switch to and from this account.

Removing accounts from the list:

To remove an account from the list: Right-click on an account and hit "Forget". This will remove the saved, or 'cached' local files and the account will no longer show on the Account Switcher's list.