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TcNo Account Switcher - BattleNet

The TcNo Account Switcher now includes a Battle.Net account switcher, largely thanks to contributor iR3turnZ.

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How does the program work?

Collecting info (Locally only):

Switching accounts:

What does setting a Battle Tag do?

When you Right-Click an account, you can Set a Battle Tag. By doing this, it will enable the Overwatch checker for that account. If your profile information is public and accessible, your SR, as well as other info, will be displayed in the account switcher. By default, your account's name in the account switcher will just be your account's email, as collected earlier.

Overwatch SR

If you would like to use this feature, make sure that you have Show Overwatch SR beneath an Account and use the Overwatch profile picture Checked in the Settings section. As long as an account has a Battle Tag set (Shown above), it should display properly on the list.

Managing accounts

Signing into new accounts in the BattleNet Switcher:

  1. Click the Add New button.
  2. BattleNet will restart, and ask you to input the user/pass. Enter the new details and make sure "Remember password" is checked. You should be able to switch to and from this account.

Removing accounts from the list:

To remove an account from the list: Right-click on an account and hit "Forget". This will add it to an "ignore" list in the account switcher, and will no longer show on the Account Switcher's list. If you "forgot" an account you didn't want to remove, you can 'restore' it in the settings window.