Frequently Asked Questions - TcNobo/TcNo-Acc-Switcher Wiki

Does "Microsoft Edge WebView2" install the Microsoft Edge browser?

No. I've tested this myself on a Windows Sandbox (That has Edge preinstalled) by uninstalling it through the command C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\90.0.818.51\Installer>setup --uninstall --force-uninstall --system-level, then installing the 3 required runtimes, and I'm left with the following in my installed programs list (Note: This is what it looked like before): Image of Control Panel showing required runtimes, but not Microsoft Edge Browser

Can I put this program on a USB?

Yes. This is a portable program (assuming the 3 required runtimes are installed already). The files can be unzipped/installed to a USB and taken anywhere. Note that this also means you can move the files after unzipping them, although this will break shortcuts to the program. Remember to create new shortcuts after moving the program.

Will this program steal my accounts?

No. This project was created by someone who switched Steam accounts often. I run a YouTube channel among other business ventures and have 0 interest in collecting your accounts. This project is open source, and yes, open-source implies trust BUT you should not outright trust projects just because they are open source. You are more than welcome to read through the source code if you can code; otherwise, keep in mind that anyone can access the entire codebase and build from it if they don't trust my builds (including you).

My accounts aren't showing up?

Some platforms need you to manually add them. Others, like Steam, don't. Why? The list the program reads from/edits is managed by said software completely. When a platform like Steam is signed into, and "Remember Me" is checked, it is saved in it's (Steam's) own files. That's what this program reads from and edits.

If accounts are not being saved, then it's likely the platform of choice. Make sure that:

How can I help?

It's simple. Whether you understand code or not, you can help by providing as much information on issues you may be experiencing, provide well-explained ideas in the Discord (even MSPaint images help) and even help by collecting info on a broken or new platform you would like to assist in adding (See Help code a platform)