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CEO Jon Bachmann will benefit by gaining clientele and increased profits from the website and will be the main source of input and client wants and needs

User Characteristics

  • One user will be a tree broker who will buy trees from South Coast Grower and resell them or be acting on behalf of a client. These people will be very knowledgeable about tree specimens and know what they want and will use the product (website) to see if South Coast Grower has the trees they want in their budget
  • The other user would be clients who want their home/business landscaped and are looking at the website for previous works to see if it aligns with what they want and if the company has the specimens that they are looking for

Elicitation Plan

  • Interviewing the CEO Jon Bachmann about what he wants from the website ** Asking him questions such as: "What do you not want to see on the website?", "What specimens would you like prioritized on the website?", and "Which specimens would you like to have their own page about?"
  • For the prototypes I will you PowerPoint/google slides to create wireframes for the website ** I will use this to elicit requirements by providing them to the CEO and asking him to say what he does and does not like about them and editing them to his preferences
  • I will gather and form user stories by taking the edited prototypes and requirements from interviewing stakeholders to create user cases for the website