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General Techniques

  • Interviewing stakeholders and end users to see what they would like out of the product
  • Providing scenarios to the stakeholders to see what they like and dislike about each scenario
  • Designing a prototype and providing it to the stakeholders to get their feedback on what they like and dislike
  • Meeting with the stakeholders to ask them directly what they want out of the product
  • Observe how stakeholders interact with a prototype or similar projects to determine what they like and don't like about it
  • User stories can help visualize how the product should work and how the user should be able to interact with it

Examples of stakeholders

Some software stakeholders include:

  • There can be senior executives like shareholders and business partners that. have a financial stake in the project
  • Developers who have to create the project
  • Clients who are sponsoring and requesting the project
  • Users who will use the product

Identifying stakeholders

You can identify stakeholders by thinking of the people who are affected by your work, who have influence or power over it, and those who have an interest in the outcome or success of the product


  • A goal of the company or client can lead to requirements for the product/project
  • Domain knowledge is where the developer is aware of how the domain of the application will be used
  • Asking the stakeholders directly what they want from the product
  • Analyzing the business rules can help determine what the client needs from the product
  • The operational environment will help determine how the product will be used and help determine what needs to come from the product
  • The organizational environment will determine what the different levels and sectors of the business are and how to fit the. product to it