AirTnt feature list - TTan321/API-project Wiki


  • Users of AirTnt are able to sign up, login, and logout.


  • All spots created are displayed on the homepage available for viewing.
  • Details of a spot is displayed by clicking on a spot displayed in the home page.
  • Allows logged in users to be able create and add spots to AirTnt.
  • Logged in Users are able to edit and delete their spots after posting by navigating to the "My Active Listings" page.


  • Gets reviews from the database for each spot or logged in user.
  • Reviews for a specific spot are listed at the bottom of the spot's details page.
  • Reviews can be posted to each spot if the user is logged in and the user is not owner of the spot.
  • Reviews can be deleted by the logged in user and all the user's created reviews can viewed by navigating to the My Reviews page after logging in.