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Meeting minutes are recorded during each meeting session. These meetings include but are not limited to scheduled discord meetings, unscheduled meetings and class sessions. The meeting minutes recorded start from week 9 class, 7th May 2021.

Session minutes

Week 9 - Friday 7th May

Week 10 - Monday 10th May

Potentially move to URP, HDRP causing issues for Rayner and it is not being fully utilised.

Room 2

Room 3

Week 10 - Wednesday 12th May

Week 10 - Friday 14th May

Shaun seems confused with our approach


Week 11 - Monday 17th May

Review GDD No longer temperature manipulating, now matter manipulating

Week 11 - Tuesday 18th May

Narrative Review

Week 11 - Friday 21st May

Week 11 - Saturday 22nd May

Level design meeting minutes - 22nd May - Week 11.

Week 12 - Monday 24th May

Week 12 - Tuesday 25th May