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So, you want to learn more about how to use the script to help you with also setting up the environment.

I will be very brief on this part as I am not the most comfortable with it and it's well explained on the original wiki, the only thing I will add is how to incorporate it with the script.

How to

If you have my script you can just write the following


And we can start working now.

This will act the same as editing JSON so there shouldn't be any problems understanding it, let's look at an example:

        "_id" : "DragonsEnvironment.[0]Environment.[15]BigSmokePS",
        "_lookupMethod" : "Exact",
        "_active" : false

To quickly explain this, basically what we are doing here is writing environment data into the difficulty file. This will look for that exact id, more can be found here.

There are three lookup methods: Exact, Contains and Regex. I recommend you check each one out and find the one that is right for you

And this is basically how you incorporate _environment into scripting.


You can go over to the ending page to check out all of the scripts for my noodle maps.