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Output Data Structure

For every game, the raw data is saved in output/positions/<game title>.csv

The data has the following schema

Column Data Type Description
champ string Name of champion
role string Role of player (top/jgl/mid/adc/sup)
side string Side of team (blue/red)
x float X position of player (range of 0-1)
y float Y position of player (range of 0-1)
second numeric In-game time
video string 'game title' (video title/filename)

Level One:

Graphs of each player's in-game position until the 90 second mark.


Jungle Region Maps:

Choropleth maps showing the jungler's positions from 0-8, 8-14 and 14-20 minutes.


Mid Region Maps:

Similar to jungle region maps, but for midlaners. Focuses on different regions of the map


Support Region Maps:

Similar to the other two region maps, but for supports


Proximity Map:

Tracks player proximity throughout the game. Shows average positions and relational connections (The higher the proximity between players, the larger the connection, currently bugged in that the lines come above the champions)


All graphs are saved in output/<game title>