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List both good and bad ideas from any arena/movement shooter map here.
And ways that those pros/cons could be implemented.

Open Arena


  • Stack timers: should be difficult to desync without intentionality
  • Stack placements should have height difference (usually) and high ground should have generally worse pickups
  • Stack timers 2: timers useful tool for map balance
  • Floors that you can shoot through are cool
  • Rail is super strong from behind
  • Strong weapons being a kind of "mini-objective" is interesting
  • Heavy armor catwalk felt incredibly vulnerable because it has a blind corner, is exposed to mega and not vice versa, has a shoot through floor, and can be accessed from 2 different routes
  • Mega health is very defensible: one route is partially obscured by a pillar and very easy to spam with rockets, the other route can be accessed from a bouncepad, both routes have extremely long sightlines
  • corners were well rounded and hallways being uneven is nice
  • placement of highground is good for rjing and rjing to heavy was good
  • mid and lower levels were rarely ever fought in, only ever getting used for railgun and 25 heals in the lower and the 50 armor or general skulking near megahealth on the mid levels
  • Mel:Bouncepads should be stronger Bliss:Bouncepads should stay just as weak
  • Fighting was common but that might've just been due to the limited area utilized

Incentivized Play

item-based movement necessary to traverse map efficiently high emphasis on objective based play longer cooldown higher value objectives to force fights more committal fights