Naming Convention - Simple-as-Coding/tutoring-platform Wiki

Project naming convetion

Packages: lowercase

  • pl.simpleascoding.tutoringplatform
  • tutoringplatform.api

Classes, Interfaces, Enums, Records: camel case ( UpperCamelCase )

  • public interface UserService{}
  • public class UserServiceImpl{}

Methods & variables: mixed case ( lowerCamelCase )

  • private void setName(){};
  • public String getName(){};
  • int exampleNumber;
  • String myName;

Constants: Uppercase

  • static final TEN_MINUTES_IN_MILIS;
  • static final ONE_HOUR;

Git & Github naming convetion

Branches: snake case

  • my_new_feature
  • my_second_feature

Commits: fix / feat tags with short note about feature/bug + description with dashes for every new line.

Example for feat tag ( adding new feature ):
  • feat
    git commit -m"feat: CryptoService implemented
    -convert crypto feature added
    -track crypto feature added
    -crypto changes notification feature added"
  • fix
    git commit -m"fix: bug:id
    -fixed problems with register
    -fixed problems with authenticate user"
  • fix
    git commit -m"fix: Missing methods in UserService
    -added method to retrieve user age
    -fixed method that returns userName"