Agenda 2022 09 23 - SNIA/CDMI-spec Wiki

SNIA Cloud Storage Technical Working Group

Meeting Agenda, 2022-09-23

  1. IP Statement:

“You are hereby informed that, under the SNIA IP Policy, your presence at this meeting may obligate you and/or your company/organization with respect to any of the work items of the SNIA Cloud Storage TWG.”

  1. Attendance

Attendees: See Causeway listing


  1. Agenda review

  2. Previous meeting minutes review and approval

  3. Agenda Item: Multi-cloud whitepaper

  • Work on CDMI to public cloud API examples (AWS)
  1. Agenda Item: Work on CDMI Extensions
  • Continue working on Container Object Duality extension
  1. Agenda Item: Review new resumable upload proposal for including in CDMI
  1. Prepare agenda for next meeting

  2. Summary of any planned major votes at next meeting

  3. Adjournment