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  • Product Owner: The sole product/business owner is Ashley Denton, also known as Ashylynn. There are no employees of this company as Ashley is the sole individual who manages and works for the business. This stakeholder is responsible for providing the majority of the functionalities that should be implemented. She is the owner and only employee of the business so her input is increasingly important to take into consideration.
  • Customers: This group of individuals is the people who interact with the system and order products from the company. These individuals are who the site is being built for. It is important to always keep this type of stakeholder in mind as they are responsible for generating revenue for the business. Their needs are a high priority in the elicitation and development process.
  • Users: Users are defined as individuals who interact with the site but have not or do not order anything from the business. These stakeholders can be used to improve the site. The developers can analyze why these individuals are not customers. They provide some of the data for the improvement of the site.
  • Vendors: This group of individuals is comprised of other businesses that provide the base products for some custom items. For example, tumblers are bought from a vendor before customization. It is important to keep these individuals in mind when creating the site as they provide products to the business. If a vendor does not carry some of the products that are needed to create the custom products then, the custom products should be removed from the site. Vendors are vital to the business processes so they should also be vital to the site.
  • Regulators: Individuals who are responsible for ensuring that all business transactions are documented and all policies are followed. These individuals ensure that requirements and the system are built with regulations in mind. They also ensure that business processes are running properly in combination with the proposed product.
  • Software Developer: The individuals who are responsible for creating the product. They can provide input as to what is in the realm of the functionalities that can be implemented on the site.

User Characteristics

One of the general characteristics of the user is that they are most likely between the ages of 18-60. Most of the users are also female since the business does many designs that are centered around glitter and themes of the like. The educational level of users does not concern the site since it is simply an e-commerce site. We would assume that the majority of our users have basic knowledge of how to interact with a website since the current system is running off of Facebook and an existing site for the system. It should be assumed that they are not masters at using technology but should have basic knowledge of how to order a product from a site. They should also have basic knowledge of how to check the status of their order or respond to any communication from the company, whether that be messages from the site, emails, or phone calls. The users should be able to type and describe sufficiently what they would like their design to be if the product is custom. The site should be generally easy to use, as the main goal of the product is to make it easier to order and interact with the business.

Elicitation Plan


Interviews will be conducted with the product owner and surveys should be sent out to current customers of the business. The questions that will be asked to the product owner are listed below:

  • What problems do you expect the site to solve?
  • What words would you use to describe the site?
  • What aspect of the site excites you?
  • What aspects are most/least valuable to the users?
  • What qualities (e.g., efficiency, security, reliability, etc.) are critical for the specific parts of the site?
  • What events must the site respond to?
  • What is most important to you about the site?
  • What would you consider to be a successful site.

    The questions below will be asked of customers in a survey:
  • What do you like about the current site?
  • What method do you use to order an item?
  • What items do you typically order?
  • What do you dislike about the site?
  • How easy is it for you to order a product?
  • How difficult is it to look at the designs of the products that the business has created?
  • How did you hear about the company?
  • Is there anything that you would like to be included on the site?


I plan to use Figma to create a clickable dynamic prototype. It is important that I design the site completely to make development easier. I plan to use Figma as I hear that it is software that is used in the industry frequently. It is popular since it is easy for developers to program what has already been designed in Figma. It is important that I keep in mind the wireframes that I have previously created and alter them based on the results from the elicitation process. While I create the prototype I will stay in contact with my sponsor to ensure that the product is created with our main goal in mind, to allow the site to be usable and showcase the business in an informative manner.

User Stories

As stated before, I will send out a survey of questions to the current customers of the business. I also plan on doing my research on other businesses' sites on the market to see what our competitors are doing and how we can adapt their models to fit our needs. It is important to analyze what the product owner needs with what the users and the customers need. With knowledge of the market and the current users/customers of the system, we can create adequate user stories to build the product.