Configuring PAM - Reispfannenfresser/partly-adequate-mapvote Wiki

Main Configuration

PAM is configured via server sided convars. These can be changed in the server's console.

(This will soon change to allow for more complex customisation)

Basic Settings

Variable Description Default Value Special Values Examples
pam_vote_length Set the length of the voting time in seconds. 30 - When set to 30 there are 30 seconds for the players to vote
pam_max_maps Set the amount of maps players can vote on. 15 When set to 0, all maps will be voteable. When set to 15 it will show 15 maps.
pam_map_cooldown Set the amount of rounds needed for a map to be voteable again 3 - When set to 0, maps will be voteable instantly. When set to 3, maps will only be voteable again after 3 rounds were played.

Map Voteability

These convars can be used to specify which maps should be voteable.

Variable Description Special Values Examples
pam_map_prefixes All maps where at least one of the prefixes fits will be voteable unless they are blacklisted "" will allow maps with any prefixes "ttt_,de_" will allow all maps with the ttt_ prefix and all maps with the de_ prefix.
pam_map_whitelist All maps listed here will be voteable - "gm_flatgrass,gm_construct" will allow gm_flatgrass and gm_construct to be voteable even if they don't have a fitting prefix.
pam_map_blacklist All maps listed here won't be voteable - "gm_flatgrass,gm_construct" will prevent gm_flatgrass and gm_construct to be voteable even if they have a fitting prefix.

Whenever these constraints don't allow for any map to be voteable the current map will be voteable anyways.


Variable Description Examples
pam_rtv_enabled enables/disables rtv Set this to 0 to disable rtv. Set this to 1 to enable rtv.
pam_rtv_percentage The percentage of players needed for rtv to start Set this to 0.6 to start a vote when at least 60% of the players vote for it.
pam_rtv_delayed Allows for the rtv votescreen to be delayed to a time where it won't interrupt the flow of the game. (has to be supported by the gamemode. TTT is natively supported.) Set this to 0 to show rtv immediately once enough players voted for rtv. Set this to 1 to show the rtv votescreen at a more fitting time.