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Air Quality HomeKit Service.

Type Service Type
15 Air Quality

Air Quality was introduced in firmware version 10.0 Kestrel

Status must be set using Service Notifications. There is not inputs available. To use specific hardware, Free Monitor Service supports many different data sources that can provide needed information to manage this service.

The following configuration is available:

Section Key Description
Actions "0", "1" etc. The actions performed by the service
Service Notifications "m" Notifications sent from another service
Initial Lock State "ks" Lock state at boot
Data History Characteristics


Key Action Description
"0" Unknown Status The default action after boot
"1" Excellent
"2" Good
"3" Fair
"4" Inferior
"5" Poor

Service Notifications

The list of Service Notifications "m" values supported are:

Key Value Notification
"v" 0 ** Unknown Status (default)**
1 Excellent
2 Good
3 Fair
4 Inferior
5 Poor

See the general Service Notifications section for details of how to configure these notifications.

Initial Lock State

The Initial Lock State about Service.

Key Value Notification
"ks" 0 Service locked
1 Service unlocked

Data History Characteristics

Characteristic Description
0 * Current State