Pull Request Review and Follow up - ProcessMaker/processmaker Wiki

Each Developer is responsible for his/her item until merged, so each developer would:

  • Assign related PR(s) to a teammate(s), depending on complexity more than 1 reviewer should be assigned, assignments should be done in JIRA, using the Reviewer field and in GitHub, assignments need to be announced in The Slack channel.
  • Follow up on the review, making sure the PR has been reviewed. Sending reminders to the reviewers as needed.
  • Once PR is approved/Reviewed, assign Ryan as reviewer in GitHub and transition the issue to Final Review status, so it is listed in the Final Review column for final reviewer to pick up.

In order to keep balance: To perform at least a code review daily would be ideal.

PRs would need to be merged by Friday 14:00 PM BOT, 10 AM Las Vegas, so we do not impact build preparation.