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Terra Structures

Terra uses its own structure storage format. THis format is a custom scripting language called TerraScript. For information on how to write procedural structures in TerraScript, see the TerraScript Basics page. This page will go over exporting structures from your world to TerraScript files.

Exporting Structures

Exporting structures requires WorldEdit installed. You only need WorldEdit for selection, nothing else in Terra requires it.
Exporting a structure:

  1. Build your structure. For this example, this spruce tree will be used:
  2. (Optional) Place a Center Sign in your structure. A Center sign defines a center to the structure around which the script will be made.
  3. Make a WorldEdit selection including your structure. (The cobblestone shown in the image was for making the selection, it was removed afterwards)
  4. Export your structure with the /te export <name> command.

Your structure will be saved to plugins/Terra/export/structures/name.tesf.

Loading Structures

Loading structures can be useful for debugging. All loaded structure scripts may be loaded via command.

Command Syntax

/te structure export <name>
Export a structure to plugins/Terra/export/structures/name.tesf

/te structure load <full|chunk> <id> <rotation>
Load a structure script with ID id and rotation `rotation

  • full loads the entire structure
  • chunk loads the secton of the structure in the current chunk.
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