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Terra comes packaged with many tree types that can be used out of the box.

ID Description
ACACIA Vanilla Acacia tree
BIRCH Vanilla Birch tree
BROWN_MUSHROOM Vanilla Giant Brown Mushroom
CACTUS Cactus, 1-4 blocks tall
CHORUS_PLANT Vanilla Chorus Plant
DARK_OAK Vanilla Dark Oak tree
GIANT_OAK Giant procedurally generated Oak tree (From BetterEnd)
GIANT_SPRUCE Giant procedurally generated Spruce tree (From BetterEnd)
JUNGLE Vanilla Giant Jungle tree
JUNGLE_COCOA Vanilla Jungle tree with Cocoa beans on it
JUNGLE_BUSH Vanilla Jungle Shrub tree
LARGE_OAK Vanilla Large Oak tree
LARGE_SHATTERED_PILLAR Large Shattered End Pillar, may generate an End Crystal on top (From BetterEnd)
LARGE_SPRUCE Vanilla Tall Spruce tree
MEGA_SPRUCE Vanilla Mega Spruce tree
OAK Vanilla Oak Tree
RED_MUSHROOM Vanilla Giant Red Mushroom
SHATTERED_LARGE Large Shattered Forest Tree (From BetterEnd)
SHATTERED_SMALL Small Shattered Forest Tree (From BetterEnd)
SMALL_JUNGLE Vanilla Small Jungle Tree
SPRUCE Vanilla Spruce Tree
SWAMP_OAK Vanilla Oak Tree with vines
SMALL_SHATTERED_PILLAR Small Shattered End Pillar (From BetterEnd)
TALL_BIRCH Vanilla Tall Birch Tree
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