Quick Start Guide for Fabric - PolyhedralDev/Terra Wiki

This guide is intended for the Fabric version of Terra. See the Getting Started Page for guides on other platforms.

This guide covers the installation of Terra for both client and server versions of Fabric.

If you have already installed Terra or already know how to install Fabric mods, you can skip to the world setup guide for your relevant setup:

Download & Installation

  1. Download the latest Terra Fabric release from the Modrinth website here.

  2. Once you have downloaded the .jar file from Modrinth, simply place the file into your mods folder located inside your Minecraft client or server directory.

Make sure you grab the correct version! Don't get the file named forge, or the file listed for a different minecraft version.

  1. Once the mod has been installed, start your client or server.

  2. Once minecraft has loaded, check your logs for the following line to ensure everything has been installed correctly:

    [XX:XX:XX] [main/INFO]: Loaded config pack "DEFAULT" vX.X.X by dfsek in XXXX.XXms.

    This means that the mod has loaded successfully, and that the default Configuration Pack has been unpacked and loaded correctly without issues.

After you have successfully installed Terra, refer to the relevant guide for how to set up a Terra world:


Where can I go from here?

If you would like to continue learning more about Terra, or would like to see what else you can get out of it, please continue on to the Config Packs page!

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