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Terra's platform-agnostic API allows us to seamlessly support many Minecraft modding platforms, including Fabric, Forge, and the Bukkit ecosystem.

If you have already decided on which platform you wish to use, simply choose the quick start guide for your platform:

Choosing a Platform

If you have not yet decided on a platform, read this section to choose one.


If you want to run Terra in a singleplayer environment, or on a small server with friends, we recommend using Fabric. Our Fabric implementation is the most feature-complete, since Fabric gives us freedom to directly interface with the game in ways impossible on other platforms. Fabric also has many optimization mods which we make sure to support entirely, which allow your game to run extremely well.

Bukkit (Paper and friends)

If you're running a large server for lots of people, you'll probably want to use Bukkit, simply because of all the plugins available for large servers. We do not recommend using Bukkit for a small server, for that, use Fabric.

A Note on Bukkit/Spigot/Paper

Lots of people get confused about what the difference is between Bukkit, Spigot, and Paper.


Bukkit is an API, a way for developers to interface with and write plugins for the Minecraft server.

Spigot is an implementation of the Bukkit API, it's a platform that allows the Minecraft server to load and run Bukkit plugins. Bukkit itself is no longer maintained by the Bukkit team, so now SpigotMC maintains both Bukkit (the API) and Spigot (the implementation).

Paper is a fork of Spigot, a project based on Spigot that extends its functionality. Paper adds many performance optimizations to the Minecraft server, and also extends the Bukkit API.

What does this have to do with Terra?

We refer to the entire Bukkit ecosystem (Bukkit API, Spigot, Paper and friends...) as Bukkit, simply because Bukkit is the name of the API.
Terra develops against and tests on Paper. We do this because Bukkit and Spigot simply do not expose the required API for Terra to be fully functional. Paper's extended API does. This means that, while Terra will still work on Spigot, there will be (important) features missing.

TL;DR: Use Paper, or a fork of Paper.


We recommend using Forge only when there are other Forge mods that you want to use with Terra. If you just want to play with Terra, use Fabric instead. If your other mods have Fabric versions, we recommend making the switch. Use Forge if you have Forge-only mods that you want to use with Terra.

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