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Ores are materials that generate in veins throughout the world. Per Terra's rather loose definition, they do not even necessarily need to be made of ore, or even underground! Veins generate as deformed spheres, which is basically a sphere with its radius stretched and compressed at different points using noise. To experiment with this concept visually, use the /te geometry deformedsphere <radius> <deform> <frequency> command to generate such spheres in your world.

Object Options

Ores support all Terra Object Options.



BlockData string representing the material of the ore. Examples:

This value is required.


Minimum and maximum radii of the vein.


The amount by which to deform. The true meaning of this value is difficult to explain without the technical aspect. Technically, this value is the value multiplied by the deform noise value to produce the deformed sphere's radius at a point. Less technically, the further this value is from one, the more deformed the vein will be. Higher values make the vein larger, lower values make it smaller.
This value is optional. (Defaults to 0.75)


Frequency of the noise function used to deform the ore sphere. Higher values produce more "scattered" veins, values approaching zero produce increasingly spherical veins.
This value is optional. (Defaults to 0.1)


A list of block IDs that the ore can replace during generation. This value is required.


Whether to update the physics on blocks generated in the vein. This is required if you want liquid veins to have physics (to flow after generation). Do not enable this unless physics is required, as it will cause lag on large veins!
This value is optional. (Defaults false)


Whether ore veins are able to cross chunk borders. Disabling this may help increase performance. Defaults to true.


Ore veins can be generated live using the /te ore <ID> command. This command will generate a vein of ore at the location you are looking at. It will only replace materials in the replaceable list, so make sure you're looking somewhere it can generate!

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