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This page details common values for all Terra objects.


The ID of this object. Any string will work as an ID, though it is generally recommended to use UPPER_SNAKE_CASE for object IDs.
This value is required for all configs


This key holds the ID of the object(s) this object extends. It is optional. If included, any abstractable keys missing from this object will be pulled from its super object(s). Super objects may be abstract or standard objects. Terra supports multi-level inheritance (i.e. A extends B, B extends C. In this scenario, A would pull options from itself first, then missing values from B, then still missing values from C). Terra also supports multiple inheritance (i.e. A extends B, C, D). In this scenario, A would pull from B (and its parents) first, then C (and its parents), etc.


This boolean key defines whether this object is abstract. An abstract object cannot be generated in the world. It holds config values to be used in multiple implementation objects. Abstract objects have the unique property of all config values being optional.

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