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List o' Noise Equations

This page contains a bunch of cool noise equations you may want to use in your world. These are simply examples to get started with, to make custom noise equations, see My First Noise Equation.

All equations shown here are demonstrated with a minimal biome config, using a simple grassy palette and stone slant palette, with no flora or trees.

Standard biomes

Plains-like equation

This equation generates rolling hills for a plains-style biome;

noise-equation: "((-((y / base)^2)) + 1) + |(noise2(x, z) / 3) + 0.1|"
Image Plains

Plains-like with islands

The plains equation, but with a second layer on top of it that generates floating islands.

noise-equation: "if(max(y-96, 0), -(if(max(y-150, 0), |y-150|, |y-150|/16)) - 0.25 + (noise2(x*3, z*3)*3), ((-((y / base)^2)) + 1) + |(noise2(x, z) / 3) + 0.1|)"
Image Plains with Islands

Forest equation

Similar to the plains equation, but with more hilly terrain with some areas going below sea level (in this case, I set sea level to 62.)

noise-equation: "((-((y / base)^2)) + 1) + ((noise2(x, z)+0.5) / 2)"
Image Forest

Crag equation

Equation that produces 6 levels of terraces, each level using a different noise function.

noise-equation: "((-((y / 76)^2)) + 1) + |(noise2(x/1.5, z/1.5)+0.5)|/2.5"
  equation: "min(floor(((max(noise2(x/1.5, z/1.5)+0.5, 0)))*8), 6)*5 + if(max(noise2(x/1.5, z/1.5)+0.375, 0), (noise2(3*x+(min(floor(((max(noise2(x/1.5, z/1.5)+0.5, 0)))*8), 6)+1)*1000,3*z))*7, 0)"
  interpolation: true
Image Crag
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