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This page discusses the configuration of custom Flora objects. For information on included Flora, see the Included Flora page.

Flora configurations are in the flora/ directory within a config pack.
A Flora object is a small structure-like object that is 1xNx1 blocks in size (1x1 blocks wide, any number of blocks tall). For larger common custom structures (like trees/rocks), see Trees. For even larger, less common structures, like temples and monuments, see Structures.

Object Options

Flora supports all Terra Object Options.



Whether this Flora object generates from the ceiling, or the floor. When true, the object will generate hanging from the ceiling. When false, the object will generate upwards from the floor. Note: This does not invert the layers (e.g. first layer will still be on the top, regardless of this option).
This value is optional, and defaults false.


A list of block IDs that this Flora object can spawn on.


A list of block IDs that this Flora object can replace during generation.


A list of blocks that must be bordering the block the Flora will be planted on for it to grow. This value is optional. It defaults to all blocks (allowing the Flora to grow on any spawnable block).


A list of blocks that the flora item should be rotated to face.

An example use case is sugarcane, where water would be the only item in this list, meaning sugarcane would only be able to grow bordering water.


This option is identical to the layers option of a Block Palette, just interpreted differently. When generating Flora, each layer will be generated, starting with the topmost layer, and going downwards.


Example Flora (Tall Seagrass)
  - materials:
      - "minecraft:tall_seagrass[half=upper]": 1
    layers: 1
  - materials:
      - "minecraft:tall_seagrass[half=lower]": 1
    layers: 1
name: "Tall Sea Grass"
  - "minecraft:sand"
  - "minecraft:stone"
  - "minecraft:red_sand"
  - "minecraft:gravel"
  - "minecraft:dirt"
  - "minecraft:water"

This config will generate a 2-block Seagrass plant.
The top layer of the palette is tall_seagrass, set to the upper half variant.
The second (bottom) layer of the palette is tall_seagrass, set to the bottom half variant.

This Flora object can generate on Sand, Stone, Red Sand, Gravel, and Dirt. It can only replace Water blocks.

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