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Block Palettes define a vertical slice of the world. They are lists of blocks, from which Terra picks based on the depth at a location. They are located in the palettes/ directory within a config pack.
Palettes define the blocks used to generate the world, and they are configured on a per-Biome basis. Biomes contain a list of Palettes, based on Y levels, allowing the user to control which blocks generate at relative depths, and absolute depths.

Relative depth

Relative depth describes "distance below the surface." For example, a Palette can specify that 3 blocks below the surface of the world, Stone should generate.

Absolute depth

Absolute depth is a Y-level. For example, a Biome can specify that at Y levels 0-96, a palette called GRASSY is to be used.


Palettes offer two types of randomness to use for block selection.

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