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CI jobs for pingcap/tidb

release-6.5 branch

master branch

Job name Description Run after merged CI script Core Instructions to run locally Can be run locally by contributors Trigger comment in pull request
ghpr-mysql-test Test for compatibility for mysql protocol no ghpr_mysql_test.groovy 🔒test repo(pingcap/tidb-test) not public no /test mysql-test
ghpr-build Lint check and build binary no ghpr_build.groovy run make bazel_build yes /test build
ghpr-unit-test Unit/Func tests no ghpr_unit_test.groovy run make bazel_coverage_test yes /test unit-test
ghpr-check-dev More static checks. no ghpr_check.groovy run make gogenerate check explaintest yes /test check-dev
ghpr-check-dev2 Basic function tests no ghpr_check2.groovy Run the scripts from scripts/pingcap/tidb folder of  pingcap-qe/ci repo: https://github.com/PingCAP-QE/ci/blob/main/pipelines/pingcap/tidb/latest/ghpr_check2.groovy#L82~L89 yes /test check-dev2
merged_build Lint check and build binary yes merged_build.groovy run make bazel_build yes N/A
merged_common_test integration test for jdbc yes merged_common_test.groovy 🔒test repo(pingcap/tidb-test) not public no N/A
merged_e2e_test Basic E2E test yes merged_e2e_test.groovy Run run-tests.sh shell under tests/graceshutdown and tests/globalkilltest yes N/A
merged_integration_br_test Integration test for backup and restore functions yes merged_integration_br_test.groovy Run case with tests/run.sh shell, the case list. yes N/A
merged_integration_cdc_test Integration test with TiCDC yes merged_integration_cdc_test.groovy Run case with make task in pingcap/tiflow repo: make integration_test_mysql CASE="${CASES}", the case list. yes N/A
merged_integration_common_test Integration test with more client framework or test more features yes merged_integration_common_test.groovy 🔒test repo(pingcap/tidb-test) not public no N/A
merged_integration_copr_test Integration test with the coprocessor module of TiKV yes merged_integration_copr_test.groovy Run make push-down-test in tikv/tikv-copr-test repo yes N/A
merged_integration_ddl_test Integration test for DDL functions yes merged_integration_ddl_test.groovy 🔒test repo(pingcap/tidb-test) not public no N/A
merged_integration_jdbc_test Integration test more about jdbc yes merged_integration_jdbc_test.groovy 🔒test repo(pingcap/tidb-test) not public no N/A
merged_integration_mysql_test Test for compatibility for mysql protocol yes merged_integration_mysql_test.groovy 🔒test repo(pingcap/tidb-test) not public no N/A
merged_sqllogic_test Integration test about sql logic yes merged_sqllogic_test.groovy 🔒test repo(pingcap/tidb-test) not public no N/A
merged_tiflash_test Integration test with TiFlash module. yes merged_tiflash_test.groovy Docker build with tidb dockefile, then test with script in pingcap/tiflash repo: tests/docker/run.sh yes N/A
merged_unit_test Unit tests yes merged_unit_test.groovy run ./build/jenkins_unit_test.sh yes N/A