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Installation Guide


Open Power Automate


Create a New Flow


Paste It

Go to main.txt CTRL+A, CTRL+C. Go back to power automate and CTRL+V

Modify Mouse placements

Scroll down, Double click on the first mouse action PAD Designer_uvVgggJN5x

Open firefox, maximize it. Go to something)

firefox_Vx2f7XuogN Put your mouse at the bottom of the scroll bar, but not making the arrow be highlighted in gray. PAD Designer_ojTQgR6oLU Now press CTRL+SHIFT, Your scroll bar mouse position should be correct now.

Go Back to Power Automate

Scroll down, Double click on the other (2nd) mouse action PAD Designer_6b3XV0rBMb

Go back to firefox, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

firefox_a5C3sDxh3y Now place your mouse on firefox_byIK4jBtr6 Make sure it is the one on the bottom! Then, press CTRL+SHIFT again.

Now your done!

If you need anymore help create an issue or ask in discussions