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Are you new? Well, no worries this guide aims to provide you with an install guide that will change you from a non-Gentoo user to one! Alright, let's start!

DISCLAIMER: Installing Gentoo requires dedication and an openness towards learning new things. It also requires time. Please do this in the weekend. Right, let's go!

Another Disclaimer: If you have issues at any point in this guide. Feel free to open an issue, I'll do my best to help you.


You'll need:

Creating the bootable USB

Unlike what most people think, you can install Gentoo from non-Gentoo live-cd. So we'll be using a Manjaro live-cd for this case as it provides a GUI and an up-to-date kernel.

  1. Download Manjaro XFCE Edition (Download any version, except Long Term Support)
  2. Flash the iso into your flash drive. (I recommend Etcher as it is simple and easy to use)
  3. Eureka you've got it.

Boot into the USB (Skip this part if you already know how)

Firstly, you will need to turn off Secure Boot.

  1. Turn off your Surface Device.
  2. Press and release the power button WHILE you hold the volume up button (F6 for Surface Laptops).
  3. You should see something like this.

Surface UEFI Screen

  1. In here, click on the Security tab. And you'll see the Secure Boot option. If yours is anything other than, Secure Boot is Disabled, then you should click "Change Configuration". And click "None".

Surface UEFI

  1. Then, go to the Boot configuration tab. You should see something like this:

  1. Ensure that, "Enable Boot from USB devices" is on. And drag the USB Storage boot option, to the top.
  2. After you've done that, plug the USB that you have flashed into the surface. Then, navigate to the Exit tab and click Restart now.
  3. You should see the Manjaro Screen, select Boot with Proprietary Software.