Long Term Vision Statement - PSanderHorizon/CS-230-02-Group-10-Entrepeneur-Ethics GitHub Wiki

Our Goals

Our goal is to use the latest in computer vision software and hardware in order to help enable those with low or limited vision to be more mobile and to navigate the world more safely.

Our Origins

The idea was born from the experiences of one of the team members. Paul Sander has several vision impairments stemming from retinitis pigmentosa, in particular a lack of night vision. Being unable to drive, he relies on public transit and often must walk around in the dark at night. He carries a flashlight for this purpose, but has also imagined ways that augmented reality technology might be able to better assist and enhance his experience walking at night.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to advance the cutting edge of computer vision technology in order to solve vision and mobility issues for those afflicted with retinitis pigmentosa and other similar vision issues that do not result in total blindness. We are guided by the following questions:

  • How can we better enable those with low vision impairments to function independently more reliably?
  • How can we further the state of the art in computer-assisted vision technology in service of this goal?

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