Building the Unity project from our current build - POINT-VR/POINT-VR-Chapter-1 Wiki

This will be a guide on how to set up the POINT (VR) project in Unity to get started with testing and development.

0. Unity Set-Up

If you already have Unity v2019.4.20f1 (LTS) installed, you may skip this section.

  1. Go to and create a Unity ID. This account will allow you to sign into Unity Hub, Unity Learn, etc.

  1. Download Unity Hub - this will be your "access point" for the Unity software. Please take note of the software requirements on the right of the page.

If you think that your computer will not be able to handle Unity, please let us know and we can see if there is a computer lab on campus that you could potentially use.

  1. Open Unity Hub, click on Settings (the gear icon) on the top right of the sidebar and go to the Licenses tab. For our purposes you can activate either a personal or student license. For a student license, you will have to go the the Unity website and provide information about your degree.

  1. Install Unity v2019.4.20f1 (LTS). You can choose to install it with either Unity Hub or the component installer. This will take about 9GB of space.

  2. Please add the following modules during installation. These will take about an additional 8GB of space.

  • Android Build Support
  • WebGL Build Support
  • Windows Build Support (IL2CPP)

If these modules are to be added after installation, you can simply go to the Installs tab of Unity Hub, then click on the installation's settings (gear icon or three dots) to "Add modules".

1. Download Assets

  1. Go to the POINT (VR) GitHub repository and download the ZIP file using the green "Code" button.

  1. Extract the downloaded ZIP file.

  2. Under the Project tab of Unity Hub, click on "New Project". Select 3D Core and create.

  1. In your computer's File Manager application, navigate to the project folder (there should be an Assets folder inside). Then, replace all of the existing folders with those from the extracted ZIP file.

  2. Open up the Unity project from Unity Hub. The scene should be loaded and you can start testing / development!