Clean Installation of OpenShot - OpenShot/openshot-qt Wiki

There are times when you need to perform a clean installation to eliminate possible corruption with OpenShot files.

To do this please execute the following steps:

1. Ensure that you document any customization you made in Edit | Preferences.

2. Ensure that you have a backup of any custom transitions, emojis, titles, etc. These can be found at:

  • In Windows - C:\Users\USERNAME\.openshot_qt\subfolders
  • In Linux and Mac - /home/USERNAME/.openshot_qt\subfolders Note: You will find respective folders for the different custom files you may have created.

3. Save your Recovery folder if you are concerned about recovering projects. To do this:

  • In Windows – Browse to c:\users\USERNAME\.openshot_qt folder and move the “Recovery” folder to another location (I.e, your Desktop).
  • In Linux and Mac – Browse to /home/USERNAME/.openshot_qt/ and move the “Recovery” folder to another location(i.e, your desktop).

4. Uninstall your current version.

5. Delete the .openshot_qt folder.

  • In Windows - C:\Users\USERNAME\.openshot_qt\
  • In Linux and Mac - /home/USERNAME/.openshot_qt/

6. Download the desired version if not already downloaded.

  1. Production download: Go to and click on the Download v.X.X.X.
  2. "Daily Builds" download: To download a DEV version go to and click on “Daily Builds”. From here download the daily build you desire. Do this only if instructed to do so OR want to find out if it resolves an existing bug/issue as the DEV versions are not fully tested.

7. Install OpenShot and start it. Starting OpenShot will recreate the .openshot_qt folder and default settings.

8. Copy custom files back to their respective folders from step 2, if any.

9. Move your Recovery folder back to its respective location from step 3, if you choose to.

10. Reconfigure custom settings saved from step 1 in Edit | Preferences, if any.

11. Restart Openshot.

You are set.

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