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App shortcut, config files, and video files

This page is still a work in progress.


AdvanceMENU is an awesome Frontend which has the particularity to displays animated thumbnails of games. The performances of this front end are impressive on low CPU devices like the Miyoo Mini but the animated thumbnails require a particular format : ".mng" files which are a kind of animated png file and a separated mp3 file.

Initially ported by Trngaje and updated by Schmurtz from Onion Team, AdvanceMAME is a standalone emulator which offers better performances than Libretro Mame 2003 Plus on the Miyoo Mini.

AdvanceMENU allows to add any other emulator as generic emulator thanks to the advmenu.rc configuration file. Other emulators run with RetroArch cores, so everything that runs on Miyoo Mini with RetroArch will run from AdvanceMENU.

Onion 4.1 is the minimum requirement for this app shortcut to work.

Preconfigured systems

  • Arcade (AdvanceMAME)
  • Arcade (MAME2003plus)
  • Atari - 2600
  • Atari - 5200
  • Atari - 7800
  • NEC - TurboGrafx CD
  • NEC - TurboGrafx-16
  • Nintendo - Game Boy
  • Nintendo - Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo - Game Boy Color
  • Nintendo - NES
  • Nintendo - SNES
  • SNK - Neo Geo
  • Sega - CD
  • Sega - Game Gear
  • Sega - Genesis
  • Sega - Master System
  • Sony - Playstation


  1. Activate AdvanceMAME core from the expert section of package manager;
  2. Download AdvanceMENU shortcut app + config files (;
  3. Unzip and copy everything to the SDCARD, confirm to replace.

The shortcut app comes with the above systems preconfigured but hidden (only AdvanceMAME is visible), you will need to activate them from: start button, then Add/Remove Systems, press A on every system that you want to add or remove from the list (takes a couple of seconds on every system) then press A on refresh list.

If you want to add systems that are not on that list you will have to modify the config files and add new lines of code for every system that you need that's not included. There is a section at the end explaining this process (under construction). This is not recommended for beginners.

You are now good to go, you will need to scrape video files for your ROM collection and convert them to mng+mp3 files or download the premade pack for Miyoo Mini Tiny Best Set (including PS, SegaCD and TurboGrafx CD) and the snap pack for AdvanceMAME.

Instructions for scraping your ROM collection

  1. Download Skraper (
  2. Scrape your ROM collection every system at a time and on the media tab select only videos;
  3. On the OnionUI SDCARD find RApp/advancemame/tools/roms management/mp4 to mng folder, copy it's content to your PC and then copy the video files to the videos folder, every system at a time, and run the script to convert to mng+mp3 files;
  4. Skraper video files start with 10 frames that are black, so when viewing inside the app they look like buffering, so I made a script that removes the first 10 frames of every .mng file inside a folder. Download the script, copy it to your mng folder then run it. This step is optional. (;
  5. Copy the mng folder content to a snap folder in every systems folder;

This process can take some time and it can be a little bit tricky. Videos scraped with Skraper ar not the best resolution, they are not as sharp as the snap pack for MAME.

Premade snap packs

If you don't want to scrape your own ROM collection you can use the premade snap packs below, they are just drag and drop to the SDCARD. The pack uses videos that have the 10 first frames already removed so it's ready to go.

Download Tiny Best Set Snap Pack 12 GB (GDRIVE link).

Download AdvanceMAME snap Pack ( There are 8 packs with sound, or 1 without sound.


AdvanceMAME requires MAME 0.106 romset to work, you can find some rompacks on the link with the AdvanceMAME snap pack.

If you download the complete romset I recommend you run BestArcade ( to remove clones, duplicates and not working roms. This will not guarantee that every ROM will run on the Mini but it's a good start.

After a system update to a new version of Onion you will need to copy again the advmenu.rc file from SDCARD/RApp/advancemame/.advance folder.

Configured Keymap


Button Action
A Validate
B or MENU Back or exit
X Select sort mode for the game list (by name, emulator, type, year, size, manufacturer, play times...)
Y Select current item, useful for type filter menu
L/R Prev/next page
L2/R2 Go to prev/next category (if you filter per type of game it goes to the next type)
START Display main menu
SELECT Change current display mode (Full, mixed, tile small, tile big, enormous...)


Button Action
A (Space) Button 2
B (Left Ctrl) Button 1
X (Left Shift) Button 5
Y (Left Alt) Button 4
L1 (E) Button 3
R1 (T) Button 6
L2 (Tab)
R2 (Backspace)
START (Enter) Configuration menu
SELECT (Right Ctrl) Hotkey
SELECT + START Config Menu
SELECT + Y On-Screen Display: little in game menu (volume, gamma, brightness, and overclock)
SELECT + L2/R2 Increase / decrease frameskip
START + UP Pause
START + DOWN Reset game
START + B Start recording mng file, START to stop

Advanced section - adding systems not on the list

Under construction

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