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Minecraft DamageSource

Since Minecraft 1.19.4 the DamageSource class has changed drastically. It went from having hardcoded static references to all damage sources to being more data driven allowing for damage type tags.
With this change the previously used static damage sources, for example DamageSource#IN_FIRE and DamageSource#ON_FIRE, have been removed.
To access the damage sources available it's now needed to use either a Level/World or an Entity and call damageSources()/getDamageSources() (Forge/Fabric).
Code like (Fabric used as an example) entity.damage(DamageSource.ON_FIRE, 2.0F); becomes now entity.damage(entity.getDamageSources().onFire(), 4.0F);.

Considered this, it is not possible anymore to save a static reference to the damage sources for each registered fire.
Furthermore the hurt sound has been included into the DamageSource via DamageEffects and is configurable via datapacks.

In Fire, On Fire and Hurt Sound

For the reasons stated above, the classes Fire and FireBuilder had to change.
First, the hurtSound property has been removed altogether.
Second, the damage sources associated with Fire have been replaced with a getter (Function<Entity, DamageSource>) that takes as input an Entity and must return a DamageSource.

About the second change, the methods FireBuilder#setInFire() and FireBuilder#setOnFire() changed respectively to FireBuilder#setInFire(Function<Entity, DamageSource>) and FireBuilder#setOnFire(Function<Entity, DamageSource>).
The default value for those getters is FireBuilder#DEFAULT_IN_FIRE_GETTER (entity -> entity.damageSources().inFire()) and FireBuilder#DEFAULT_ON_FIRE_GETTER (entity -> entity.damageSources().onFire()).


To reflect the changes made to Fire and FireBuilder, some FireManager methods have either changed or been removed:

  • getHurtSound(String, String) and its overload have been removed.
  • isFireDamageSource(DamageSource) has been removed.
  • getInFireDamageSource(String, String) and its overload have been renamed to getInFireDamageSourceFor and now take an Entity as their first parameter.
  • getOnFireDamageSource(String, String) and its overload have been renamed to getOnFireDamageSourceFor and now take an Entity as their first parameter.

It goes without saying that the Entity passed as parameter should be the entity that is going to interact by the fire.