Troubleshooting - Nymano641/fallen-society GitHub Wiki

I killed an essential NPC by accident

Easy fix, just look at him/her and open the console. Click on the body. You should see the name, id etc. on the screen. Just type "resurrect". If, for some reason, the NPC is stuck, try to type "disable" and then "enable" again.

You have trouble with your save.

Please save often und make new saves once in a while. Better be safe ;) and if some problem persists, write in the support forum in Discord.

I can't get through a door because of a stuck dead body.

Yep, can happen because of corpse collision. If you can't pick them up, just use the console and disable them.

Gas mask sound is still playing without a gas mask or power armor.

Just equip and unequip the gas mask again.

Thing / Quest / NPC xyz is broken.

Please let me know about any issues in the support forum in the Discord.

Character makes cringy or misplaced comments.

Yeah, nothing I can do about that. Player comments aren't always on point, but they are still pretty good.