2. Config - Nord-Studios/Mimi Wiki

Original URL: https://github.com/Nord-Studios/Mimi/wiki/2.-Config

While setting up Mimi, you are going to need to change the configuration.

First, go to the directory config and open bot.js. You should see something like this...

module.exports = {
    discord: {
        token: 'DISCORD_TOKEN_HERE',
        prefix: '!',
        activity: 'music | !help',

    filters: ['8D', 'gate', 'haas', 'phaser', 'treble', 'tremolo', 'vibrato', 'reverse', 'karaoke', 'flanger', 'mcompand', 'pulsator', 'subboost', 'bassboost', 'vaporwave', 'nightcore', 'normalizer', 'surrounding'],


  1. Go to the Discord developer page and create a new app.

  1. Open your new app and create a new bot.

  1. Copy the bot token and paste it into the token field in bot.js.

  1. Done!


The prefix is the symbol to essentially call the bot. Example: If the prefix is !, to call the help command you would use !help.


This is the message Mimi will display like this:

That's it!

You're done with the config! 🎉🎉🎉