Ores - Noaaan/MythicMetals Wiki

This page is work in progress, but will be the hub that is all about ores. This page itself will display where to find all the ores, and the specific pages will go into the usages of them.
For now you can see where the ores spawn in the parantheses behind the ore name.

Here is the list of ores in Mythic Metals:
Adamantite (Overworld)
Aetherium (Mountain Biomes)
Aquarium (Water/Ocean Biomes)
Banglum (Overworld)
Carmot (Overworld)
Copper (Overworld)
Kyber (Overworld)
Manganese (Overworld)
Midas Gold (Nether)
Mythril (Overworld)
Orichalcum (Overworld)
Prometheum (Warm Forest/Jungle Biomes) Quadrillum (Overworld)
Runite (Overworld)
Silver (Overworld)
Starrite (Mountain Biomes)
Stormyx (Nether)
Tantalite (Overworld)
Tin (Overworld)
Truesilver (Nether)
Unobtainium (Overworld)
Ur (Nether)
Vermiculite (Overworld)
Zinc (Overworld)