Lesson 8.2 - NickUkraine24/ruby_crash_course Wiki


  1. Create a branch with the name hw_8_2.
  2. Updated .gitignore in your repository using this link: https://www.toptal.com/developers/gitignore
  3. Added validations for User form using ActiveRecord. Main validations:
  1. Added root path for your project that if you open http://localhost:3000/, you will see a list of users (similar info to http://localhost:3000/users).
  2. Commit all changes to the hw_8_2 branch.
  3. Create Pull Request (PR) and assign NickUkraine24 member as a reviewer of your PR.
  4. Title of this PR should be like: "[HW 8.2]: Validation of User, root path and .gitignore".
  5. Description of this PR should have all information about what you did in this PR.
  6. Write in the Telegram group like: