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Accounts page

It shows the list of all accounts and their balances (total, available, reserved and USD equivalents), which you have created/imported on Polkadot/Kusama blockchain and parachains. Moreover the transfer, refresh, QRcode and staking icon buttons allow to a user to easily access these new features. The orange staking button indicates that the account has some coins staked.

accounts page screenshot

accounts page screenshot

Transfer funds

Add a recipient, can be chosen from local accounts to transfer between your accounts or enter a recipient on the same chain manually:

add recipient page screenshot

While Choosing an amount to transfer, the extension shows appropriate alerts based on your input. Max and All buttons are available to withdraw Max/All amounts from your account.

transfer funds page screenshot

In transaction confirmation page, confirm the transaction to broadcast it on the blockchain by entering your sending account's password.

confirm transaction page screenshot

After a little while, depending on the network response time, transaction will be done, you see the following page and your balance(s) are updated.

transaction done page screenshot

Transactions' history

It can be accessed from the account page, which shows transactions history including transaction type, status, failure reason, time and date and a link to each transaction detail, as well as a Subscan link for more info.

transaction history page screenshot

transaction detail page screenshot

QR code

Entering the crypto address is error prone, so it is useful to use the QR code for scanning by a mobile wallet.

Address QR code page screenshot

Easy staking

Now, you can easily stake using the Polkadot JS Plus extension. There are two options for staking, solo and pool staking:

staking index screenshot

Solo Staking

Stake solo

For solo staking, you just need enter the amount you want to stake and choose auto mode, it will do the rest.

stake page screenshot


View your nominated validators info, even edit the list of the validators or stop nominations. helpful notifications are also available such as oversubscriptions, no active nomination, etc.

nominated validators page screenshot

Validator selection

Nominate validators automatically or select them yourself.

select validators page screenshot

Confirm staking

Finally confirm staking/unstaking/redeem/nominations or TUNE UP similarly.

confirm staking page screenshot

Pool staking


In pool staking, at the first time you have two options, joining an existing pool or creating a new pool:

pool staking 1st time screenshot

Join a pool

To join a pool, enter the stake amount and select a pool to join, hit next, confirm your choice in the confirmation page.

join a Pool screenshot

Create a pool

To create a pool, enter a pool name and stake amount. Some roles can also be defined such as pool nominator, or state toggler, then click next and go to confirm page.

create a pool screenshot

Stake in pool

After the first selection between joining and creating a pool, you will be a member of the pool. Afterwards, when you want to increase your stake amount, you can go to the stake tab:

stake in pool screenshot

Unstake from pool

To unstake some of already staked amount, just enter an amount and go to the confirm page:

unstake from pool screenshot

Pool Tab

The pool tab shows the pool in which the account is a member, where an authorized pool member can change the status of the pool.

pool info tab screenshot

Pool nominations

The selected validators of a pool is depicted here, where the pool's root and nominator roles can change/set those nominations.

create a pool screenshot

Pool info

Some useful information about pool staking is summarized in the tab such as minimum to join a pool and minimum to create a pool.

create a pool screenshot

Reward decision

your claimable rewards, can be claimed or staked again. By clicking on the dots near the "rewards" label, which shows your already claimable amount, you can choose what you want to do with your claimable.

create a pool screenshot

Confirm page

Any actions which needs to be applied on-chain needs users' confirmation. Fore example in the following photo you see the confirmation page of pool state changing to destroying.

create a pool screenshot


Contribution in crowd loans now is possible via the extension, go to 'crowdloan' menu:

contribute to crowdloans page screenshot


Auction information and the bids if there is one will be shown.

view active auction and bids

Contribute to crowdloans

Choose an active crowdloan and hit next button.

view available crowd loans page screenshot

Enter the contribution amount, consider the minimum, and confirm it.

confirm contribution page screenshot


Kusama/Polkadot governance is accessible via account menu.

governance menu

governance index


All active referendums listed with useful information are available via Democracy menu, where every token holder can vote.

referendums list

Vote a referendum

Enter a vote value and determine the lock period for that amount, then enter the password to confirm your vote.

vote referendums


viewing council members/runners-up/candidates information, and voting them.

council members

Enter a vote value, and select the members, note the order is important, also consider the voting bond.

council members


viewing council motions information and links for more information.

view motions

Treasury proposals

viewing proposed proposals information and able to submit a new treasury proposal.

 view treasury proposal

Determine a beneficiary account and enter the requested amount, consider the collateral to submit a treasury proposal.

submit treasury proposal


viewing treasury tips information and able to propose a new tip.

view tips

Proposing a new tip, by determining the beneficiary address and set a reason, while considering report deposit.

propose a tip