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What is a GUI in InvUI?

A GUI is basically a container for width * height SlotElements. Each SlotElement can either be an Item, a reference to another GUI or a reference to a VirtualInventory.

Items and other SlotElements can be added using gui.setItem(x, y, item);, gui.setItem(index, item); or by using a Structure and applying that to the GUI gui.applyStructure(structure);.

GUIs cannot display anything to a player, a Window is used for that.

Different types of GUIs

There are four different GUI types available:


GUIs can also play animations with gui.playAnimation(animation);. While an animation is running, the player can't interact with any Item in the GUI. Available Animations:

To cancel a running animation, use gui.cancelAnimation();

Filling methods

There are also some utility methods for filling available:

gui.fill(item, replace); // fills everything
gui.fill(start, end, item, replace); // fills from the start index to the end index
gui.fillColumn(column, item, replace); // fills a column
gui.fillRow(row, item, replace); // fills a row
gui.fillBorders(item, replace); // fill the borders
gui.fillRectangle(x, y, width, height, item, replace); // fills a rectangle with the an Item

gui.fillRectangle(x, y, gui, replace); // fills a rectangle with another GUI
gui.fillRectangle(x, y, width, virtualInventory, replace); // fills a rectangle with a VirtualInventory

Background Item

Every GUI can also have an ItemProvider as the background. This background Item will be shown when there is nothing occupying that slot. It can be useful for dealing with paged GUIs if you don't want any blank spots in your inventory. You can set the background via: