Table of FATES API and HLM STATUS - NGEET/fates Wiki

The following table list the FATES API and the corresponding HLM tag associated with that API update.

FATES API CTSM Version E3SM Version Notes
API 24.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev099 HLM-FATES patch count control and parameter file update
API 23.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev091 PR 5043 FATES-MIMICS support
API 22.1.0 ctsm5.1.dev084 PR 5043 FATES parameter file updated optical parameters
API 22.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev077 9664de8 Cleaned up coupling of history interface
API 21.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev071 FATES Variable VAI Bin Widths
API 20.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev066 FATES Running Means
API 19.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev064 FATES History variable refactor
API 18.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev063 FATES canopy snow radiation fix
API 17.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev056 7b97a89, PR 4669 FATES satellite phenology mode
API 16.1.0 ctsm5.1.dev046 FATES parameter file update
API 16.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev041 9a2742e,PR 4325 FATES CNP and methane coupling
API 15.0.0 ctsm5.1.dev036 6c3e30e, PR 4216 FATES snow occlusion of LAI
API 14.2.0 ctsm5.1.dev023 PR 4157 FATES patch age x fuel size dimension added
API 14.1.0 ctsm1.0.dev105 tag Fragmentation scalar update