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  • Date/Time: 7PM UTC MARCH 18
  • The event will showcase a bunch of weapons, armors, and a new cannon siege weapon.
  • This siege is taking place in the Holy Roman Empire's territory, which is attacked by the Kingdom of France.

What do you need to do?

  • This event will be using the EventWar plugin to manage the siege, but is heavily modified and is using different values.
  • There's an attacker side which cannot be conquered (Kingdom of France) and a defender side which must protect their 3 towns at all cost(Holy roman Empire)

Picking a side and gear:

  • From the lobby server, you need to type in the command /joinq siege_event or wait to be automatically sent into the server.
  • Once ingame, you will be taken to a spawn room with two NPC's. Each NPC will be named after a team. You need to click the appropriate NPC depending on which side you want to join.
  • [WARNING] You can only do this one time. Once on the battlefield, there's no way to go back.
  • You can choose a kit anytime by using the /getkit command and choosing a kit from the TAB-COMPLETE.

Defending your nation as a HRE soldier:

  • You have three towns to defend: A monastery , a city called Derenburg and the castle.
  • The French attackers cannot attack the city until the monastery's homeblock was taken over.
  • Also, they cannot attack the castle unless both the monastery and Derenburg have both fallen.

Attacking the HRE as a French soldier:

  • You have 1 hour to conquer all 3 capture points of the Holy Roman Empire during the siege.
  • The order you need to capture them in is:
  1. The Monastery
  2. City of Derenburg
  3. The Castle
  • If you fail to capture all 3 of them in 1 hour, the HRE will win the fight.

Extra Information:

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