Risk Management - MustafaAbuGhannam/website_project Wiki

Risk Management:

# Risk Likely to occur Steps to reduce risk Response Severity
1 Customer may change some features during the production time Medium we will try to make a meeting with the Customer every two weeks to insure that we know every thing he needs discussing the new features and see if we can fit them in the app Medium
2 working with new environments and tools (React , firebase, GitHub) Medium try to learn the environments before starting the project we will get familiar with the environments by searching the website and asking friends Medium
3 difficulties in designing the website High learn ways to help us make good web designs use the internet to learn good design skills High
4 limitations on storage size on the server low we will try to not saving videos on the server insted we will save links to the videos on YouTube we will ask the organization to buy more storage low
5 Time Shortage High try to organize production steps using Agile ways team members will assist in helping the member with managements difficulties Medium
6 Creating search engine by react library may not work /found because of language High try to ask a help from the lecturer or searching more libraries we creating a search engine by us from Zero without any libraries High
7 difficulties adding questions to ChatBot in Admin Medium try to use some react ChatBot libraries or created Add ChatBot questions by our self High