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Daily Scrum Meeting 1 for (sprint 2)

Date: 11.01.202

Time : 12.00pm

Platform: zoom


             Nazmul Alam Khan (Akram)
             Mehedi Nayan 

Which problem we face


I can not complete my code .

I didn’t understand where adding a line would solve the problem .

However , I am solving the problem fairly .

I have not reduced the errors .

I was talking about these problems to the teammates in slack.


  I can not marge my code in git but I push in git my part.

  I don’t understand which features can be kept.

  I’m having trouble understanding some of the code.

  I’m getting a lot of bugs. Which I will try to resolve tonight .

Mehedi hasan:

I have faced some problem when I tried to make connection between job seeker page to database.

I also faced some problems when I tried to make connection between different file of my project like proper connection in route folder


Feature Reviewed.
Start Coding.
Hasnot used documentation tool till meeting.

Rafnun :

Facing some problems to push code at git. Neither Git Bash nor command prompt is working. Also haven't finished my code fully.