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I - Prepare M.I.B SD card

There is also a video guide for Audi available now:

Also other brands can have a look, as the general steps are very similar. GUI will differ a bit as well as button combinations for hidden menus.

1. Download latest M.I.B version:

:information_source: Always check for latest M.I.B release


:information_source: You might also want to get latest patch collection
⚠️ can be very slow - try this solution to get faster downloads

2. Open zip archive:



3.Prepare SD card

:information_source: SD card with min. 4GB is required

:warning: Do not use microSD card, only full seize.


:warning: Format SD with FAT32 - other file systems will not work with M.I.B


:information_source: Always freshly format SD and make sure you select a good one. Most issues after this point are related to bad SD cards or broken files/filesystem!

:heavy_exclamation_mark: Do NOT put SD in write protected mode!

4. Unpack content to SD card:

:warning: metainfo2.txt has to be copied to root level of SD card



Add patch files:

:information_source: You can unpack all patches or just the one for your specific FW. M.I.B will automatically select the right one!



5. Insert SD card into your MHI2 unit

:information_source: Use SD1 slot - left one on unit


II - Install M.I.B

In detail the installation process is different on all brands due to slightly different design of the graphical user interface. However, the main steps are always the same.

Each brand and also certain train versions have their own key combinations to enter "hidden" menus.

Start installation

  1. Enter Service Mode Menu/Red Engineering Menu (REM)
  2. Select Software Update
  3. Select installation source --> SD card (SD1) (--> select Standard) --> select "M.I.B. Launcher V1.0"
  4. Only one package will be updated --> Launcher Y
  5. Start Update
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Unit will reboot three times

You will see a summary of the installed packages, all completed will be marked Y(es) (only Launcher in case of M.I.B install).

  1. Go back on that screen/exit the screen.
  2. The next Screen will present something like this: "Start diagnostic tester: Main unit/version...".
  3. Press CANCEL

:information_source: You might notice a Software Version Management Error (SVM) in 5F after M.I.B install. Remove it by running "SVM fix" function in M.I.B

III - Enter Green Engineering Menu (GEM) to run M.I.B

After M.I.B installation is finished and the unit has booted up you have to enter GEM.

:information_source: Please note: GEM needs a moment after cold boot of unit to be accessible - up to 5 minutes are normal

Use the GEM key combinations valid for your unit to enter GEM.

1. Select =>m.i.b.<= from GEM menu


2. Run backup


3. Do stuff :smirk:

Most likely, you want to patch your unit to enable new FECs or do some fun stuff?!
Explore M.I.B GEM and use what you need and check M.I.B functions in this Wiki.

To patch, enable CarPlay and AndroidAuto and add FECs (new maps) go to this screen and run image


⚠️ ** Fallback** ⚠️