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Conclusions drawn from underdeveloped or hinted at material

:heavy_check_mark: = mostly or completely implemented in one or more mods
:large_orange_diamond: = partially implemented in one or more mods
:x: = no known implementation in any mods

Bal Molagmer gloves :x:

"The Bal Molagmer, or "Stone Fire Men," once carried their burning stones from Red Mountain over all of Morrowind, lighting hearth fires and lanterns. Are those Bal Molagmer gloves? Those are priceless historical treasures."

  • Inference(s): Could make Bal Molagmer gloves resist fire 25% each or something, for 360 seconds (it'll eventually heat through the glove). Could also add their Bal-molag (Stone-fires) as rare finds on hearths or something.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Built in soul gems to enchanted items :x:

"The enchant discipline concerns imbuing physical items with magical properties called enchantments. The simplest enchantment are magical scrolls with a single enchantment that are destroyed with one use. The most complex enchantments are enchanted artifacts, objects with one or more magical effects powered by built-in soul gems. Skilled enchanters also use enchanted items more efficiently, with less waste of the magicka trapped in the soul gems."

  • Inference(s): Train enchanting by enchanting scrolls with Cast Once (can you enchant Cast Once?) and also it says BUILT-IN soul gems... and yet the soulgems are not bound to the item...
  • Related Mod(s): None
Specific kwama mine smell :x:

"While you're in our eggmine, please don't harm the workers. They won't bother you. But kwama foragers and warriors will attack you, since they don't recognize your smell. Avoid them, or go ahead and kill them if you have to. Don't worry. The hive can replace them fast enough."

  • Inference(s): The player could get "Shulk" Kwama Cuttle from egg miners of that mine from talking to them to apply to themselves to pacify otherwise aggressive kwama while in specific mines.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Kwama colony tile set :heavy_check_mark:

"The kwama worker digs the colony's tunnels and chambers and tends the queen and the eggs. Workers are unaggressive, but not completely helpless."

  • Inference(s): And yet the caves the Kwama live in look completely natural, just like any cavern. Could use some unique tilesets for "Kwama Hives". And if Kwama Queens lay all the eggs, there could be some Workers carrying the eggs around.
  • Related Mod(s): OAAB_Data adds a new kwama colony set which is used in OAAB Grazelands.
Winged Golden Saints :x:

"These magical winged females are spawn of Sheogorath. Their hearts have modest magical properties."

  • Inference(s): Golden Saints with wings? Or this is just a reference to their winged helms.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Vvardenfell Dark Brotherhood :heavy_check_mark:

"One of the Dark Brotherhood's bases is in Assernerairan, which is beneath St. Olms Canton here in Vivec City. I must honorably execute the leader, Durus Marius, and report back to Grandmaster Eno Hlaalu." "The Dark Brotherhood in Vvardenfell keep their headquarters in the ruins of Ald Sotha, which is northeast of Vivec City. I must go there and honorably execute the local Night Mother of the Dark Brotherhood, Severa Magia."

Drerel Indaren, worse for the wear :x:

"While wandering near Ald'ruhn, I found Drerel Indaren, hiding among some rocks. He has been attacked by some nix hounds while traveling with his wife, and looks a little worse for the wear."

  • Inference(s): He could have some tattered/bloody clothes. But his scarred face may be meant to imply this.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Rat hair fabric :x:

"I have agreed to help the eccentric Detritus Caria fill out his collection of clutter. He requires two items for now. The first is a bolt of Imperial rat hair fabric, a burgundy fabric with a diamond pattern on its side. The second is a brushed silver pitcher."

  • Inference(s): Rat hair is used by Imperials in some fabrics, maybe for carpets/rugs - Add rat pelts?
  • Related Mod(s): None
Champion of Clutter :heavy_check_mark:

"I have delivered the Dwemer tableware to Detritus Caria, and secured my position as the Champion of Clutter for all time."

  • Inference(s): The clutter you collect for Detritus should begin collecting in his room and the Champion of Clutter should be an actual faction title.
  • Related Mod(s): Champion of Clutter
Ancestral burial robes :x:

"Ancestor ghosts commonly defend the tombs of clan and kin, but may also be summoned and controlled by sorcerers. Ancestor ghosts are aggressive but not very dangerous -- IF you have an enchanted or silvered weapon, or deadly sorcery."

  • Inference(s): Add Burial Robes to the game that look like the robes Ancestor Spirits and Bonelords wear.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Berwen, the romantic? :x:

"Berwen was very impressed with my fighting prowess when I dispatched her Corprus Stalker. Hrundi will be pleased as well."

  • Inference(s): Berwen would be a good candidate for a romantic companion, she is featured in several quests - her house could be fixed up after the corprus beastie is vanquished.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Romantic interests for the player :x:

"I have brought the note from Nelos Onmar back to Maurrie Aurmine. She seemed overwhelmed by its contents, and is full of gratitude for my having delivered it. In return, she has suggested I visit her friend Emusette Bracques in Tel Aruhn. She believes I would do well to meet this woman, and that we might enjoy one another's company. I have seen stranger things happen in the past few days." "I have brought the note from Nelos Onmar back to Maurrie Aurmine. She seemed overwhelmed by its contents, and is full of gratitude for my having delivered it. In return, she has suggested I visit her friend Barnand Erelie in Tel Branora. She believes I would do well to meet this man, and that we might enjoy one another's company. I have seen stranger things happen in the past few days."

  • Inference(s): Two possible romantic interests one male and one female - perhaps, instead of just offering the player healing potions as rewards, they could be more involved.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Molag Bal sacrifices :x:

"I have agreed to try and rescue Malexa from the cultists who have taken her. I can only imagine they have taken her to a nearby shrine and are planning on performing some sort of sacrifice with her. Sason believes there's a shrine west of here." "I was able to rescue Malexa and reunite her with Sason. Luckily, the Molag Bal cultists had not had adequately prepared for the ritual sacrifice. The couple seemed overjoyed to be reunited, and Sason rewarded me well. He also swore to let my deeds be known to House Redoran."

  • Inference(s): Maybe the Molag Bal cultists were going to sacrifice her soul to Molag Bal? Maybe there should be bloody sacrificial altars in Molag Bal shrines?
  • Related Mod(s): None
Shunari moved after quest :x:

"Shunari Eye-Fly thanked me for killing Gedna Relvel. I doubt I will see her again."

  • Inference(s): Shunari could reappear outside of Mournhold in the city of Almalexia when TR is released.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Thormoor's ship :x:

"While walking along the western coast of Solstheim I met a man named Thormoor Gray-Wave, staring out to sea. Thormoor was once a ship captain, but fell asleep at the rudder while ferrying settlers from Skyrim to Solstheim. The ship drifted into a gale and was sunk. The only survivors were Thormoor and a man whose entire family was killed in the shipwreck." "The only other survivor of the shipwreck, a warlock and seer named Geilir the Mumbling, has cursed Thormoor with eternal wakefulness. Thormoor hasn't slept since the ship was lost, and that was over six months ago. If I can find some way to convince Geilir to lift the curse, Thormoor will finally be able to get some rest. If I do this for Thormoor, he'll share with me a valuable secret he learned when he was a ship captain."

  • Inference(s): Thormoor's shipwreck could still be far off the coast of Solstheim. It happened six months ago.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Morag Tong assassin outfit :x:

"Serjo Athyn Sarethi thanked me for defending him from the assassins. I should report back to Neminda."

  • Inference(s): The assassin in this quest (Guard Sarethi) could wear full Morag Tong armor.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Collect taxes from Baladas Demnevanni :x:

"Darius asked me to collect taxes from Baladas Demnevanni. Since I am the Nerevarine, Darius believes that Baladas will listen to me."

  • Inference(s): This is an unused quest that should be finished: "IL_TaxesBaladas"
  • Related Mod(s): None
Dahrk Mezalf's summoning rings :x:

"Baladas Demnevanni asked me to bring him one of Dahrk Mezalf's summoning rings. Dahrk Mezalf was one of Kagrenac's smiths, sometimes called Mezalf Bthungthumz, and he may have lived in the colony of Bthungthumz which is somewhere between Maar Gan and the coast to the north."

  • Inference(s): The ring of Dahrk Mezalf is said to be a summoning ring, but it doesn't summon anything or seem to have any enchantments related to summoning... unless it was some twisted form of Dwemer summoning which involved destroying and demoralizing something to summon/create something else. Uncreation?
  • Related Mod(s): None
Ilunibi Caverns, old sea cave :x:

"A scout in Gnaar Mok told me about an old sea cave, called Ilunibi Caverns, up on the north end of the Gnaar Mok island, right on the coast. He said there was nothing but rats and slaughterfish, though smugglers and outlaws might use it for a hide-out."

  • Inference(s): Maybe it could be made into more of a "sea cave" by making it built into a cove.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Vivec guar stable :x:

"We've gotten near Vivec, and Teris has told me that the Rollie isn't allowed to enter the city proper. He'll have to wait outside while we continue on."

  • Inference(s): Since guars aren't allowed in Vivec, there should really be a stable so that other traders can leave their guars outside instead of just standing around.
  • Related Mod(s): None
N'Gasta wizard tower on Vvardenfell :x:

"Someone thinks the Masque of Clavicus Vile is here on Vvardenfell. Apparently there are many copies of 'N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!' here on Vvardenfell. N'Gasta was a great Sload necromancer and servant of Clavicus Vile in the Second Era, and he may have had a wizard's tower here. An agent came to me asking questions about N'Gasta. The agent would not give his name, but I have learned he was in the employ of someone named Sorkvild the Raven."

  • Inference(s): So N'Gasta may have an old Wizard's Tower on Vvardenfell. Note that she also calls the Dwemer Tower of Sorkvild a "Wizard's Tower".
  • Related Mod(s): None
Ingredients for enchantment :x:

"I have agreed to find the ingredients Volrina Quarra needs. The raw materials are five extravagant sapphire amulets, two portions of void salts, the heart of a daedra, some ectoplasm, a skull, and some vampire dust."

  • Inference(s): Volrina Quarra asks for these to enchant powerful amulets. Since when were ingredients required to make enchantments? Some sort of ritual?
  • Related Mod(s): None
Mournhold Players camp :x:

"I have agreed to take over the lead part of Clavides in the Mournhold Players' production of ""The Horror of Castle Xyr."" I have been provided with a copy of the script, and have a mere two minutes to memorize my lines before I have to report to Meryn for the play."

  • Inference(s): The Mournhold Players have no camp. Where do they go when they're finished performing? Maybe this would be addressed in TR?
  • Related Mod(s): None
Thirsk dock? :x:

"I have ordered mead from Skyrim. It should arrive in a week." "The shipment of mead has arrived from Skyrim. I can now collect the weekly profits from the sale of mead."

  • Inference(s): Should Thirsk have a dock? Where does the ship from Skyrim dock to deliver the goods? Fort Frostmoth? I doubt the folks at Thirsk would want to pay Imperial Taxes/Tariffs on their mead. Also, don't they make their own mead? Maybe there should be a bee farm owned by Thirsk down south in the less snowy areas.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Red Mountain Dwemer Gate Citadels :x:

"To defeat Dagoth Ur, Vivec says I must go to Red Mountain to recover the artifact hammer Sunder from Gate Citadel Vemynal, then the artifact blade Keening from Gate Citadel Odrosal. Then, with these artifacts and Wraithguard, if I destroy the enchantments on the Heart of Lorkhan in Dagoth Ur's citadel, Dagoth Ur will be destroyed, and the Blight ended. Vivec gave me 'The Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur' to explain the details."

  • Inference(s): The fact that they are called "Gate Citadels" makes it seem like there should be a wall, with them being the way through the wall. Maybe there used to be a wall and it's mostly in ruins now. And/or buried by eruptions.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Wrapped moon sugar :x:

"Rabinna has told me the ""payment"" owed to Vorar Helas wasn't she herself, but rather what the she was carrying. Apparently, Arinith had forced the slave to swallow a large quantity of wrapped moon sugar, and this was what was owed to Vorar Helas."

  • Inference(s): Rabinna could have a new ingredient on her "Wrapped Moon Sugar".
  • Related Mod(s): None
Ordinator armor contraband :heavy_check_mark:

"Where did you get that! The armor you wear is sacred to our Order. You shall be punished with blood!"

  • Inference(s): Ordinator armor is contraband. If you try selling Indoril armor to a Dunmer (at least in Vivec) they should refuse service saying that you should take the armor to the nearest temple.
  • Related Mod(s): FMI - Service Refusal and Contraband addresses this issue.
Mainland travel - disease checks :x:

"Apparently, the Dark Brotherhood does not have a large base of operations here on Vvardenfell, but has a very large contingent in Mournhold. Due to the Blight, no residents are allowed to travel to the capital city, and all visits are made only by the special order of Duke Dren."

  • Inference(s): Asciene Rane transports the player to the mainland without even bothering to check if he/she is diseased. She should cast a spell of cure blight on the player just in case. Or check for papers from the Duke.
  • Related Mod(s): None
First Era High Elven wizard towers :large_orange_diamond:

"The only surviving traces of this tribal culture are scattered Velothi towers and Ashlander nomads on Vvardenfell Island. The original First Era High Elven wizard towers along the coasts of Tamriel are also abandoned about this time."

  • Inference(s): Since Velothi Towers are treated as separate from High Elven wizard towers, perhaps the wizard towers should have different architecture.
  • Related Mod(s): OAAB Tel Mora adds the ruins of a tower underneath the town as referenced in the Before The Ages of Man book from TES4.
Deadly belladonna :heavy_check_mark:

"You have already brought me the ripened belladonna berries, %PCName. I must add them to the brew, yes. Did you know that belladonna is also referred to as deadly nightshade? When properly prepared, it is one of the deadliest posions in existence! He he he he he he he he he he he he he he!" "The Rite of the Wolf Giver requires one bunch of ripened belladonna berries. Unripened berries won't do, I'm afraid. You can find ripened belladonna berries on belladonna plants that grow near Solstheim's burial barrows, for they thrive on death. The Spriggan creatures have also been known to possess them, on occassion. When you have one bunch of ripened belladonna berries, return it to me."

Smugglers working for Sixth House :heavy_check_mark:

"Addhiranirr says that some smugglers are now working for the Sixth House, but Addhiranirr couldn't find out what they are smuggling. Addhiranirr thought it was strange that smugglers who usually brag about their smuggling are suddenly being very quiet about what they smuggle for the Sixth House. I wonder what is being smuggled, and why it is such a big secret. I think this is the sort of thing Caius Cosades is looking for."

Failing armor/weapon repair :x:

"Nothing to it. Just get yourself an armorer's hammer and start banging away. Anyone can do it. Of course, anyone can do it really badly, too. It does help to have a little skill. But if you got plenty of time, and a lot of coin for hammers, you can teach yourself. Actually, unless you're a professional armsman, you probably should pay an armorer to keep your weapons in good repair."

  • Inference(s): Attempting to repair armor, and failing, may actually damage or destroy the armor.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Ash storm corpses :x:

"Near the altar is Vivec's Ash Mask. In the Days of Fire when Dagoth Ur first crept back into Red Mountain and awakened it, Vivec led refugees here as they fled the ash and blight. Weary, they rested here a while. When Vivec awoke, he found himself and all his followers encased in casts of grey ash. Frozen like a sleeping statue and unable to free himself or help his people, Vivec was filled with despair. Vivec's tears weakened his ash cast. He tore the ash from his perished followers, breathed life into their lungs, and cured them of the blight. This is Vivec's heroism -- his tender heart provides strength when his might fails."

  • Inference(s): Could find creatures and people who faltered in an ash storm and were encased in ash. Lootable.
  • Related Mod(s): None
Smith trading :heavy_check_mark:

"I am a smith. I make, sell, and repair weapons and armor. I can tell you about the basic armor styles and weapon types. I can also tell you how to take care of worn weapons and worn armor, and sell you the armorer tools you need. I also repair weapons and armor, for a fee."

  • Inference(s): Smiths do not mention actually buying armor or weapons. Only that they make and sell them. Can infer that they do not need to buy them when they're a craftsman (leave it to traders to barter).
  • Related Mod(s): Lore-friendly Trade Restrictions makes it so that smiths do not buy weapons or armor.
Alchemist trading :heavy_check_mark:

"I'm an alchemist. Alchemy is the process of refining and preserving the magical properties hidden in natural and supernatural ingredients. I sell potions. I also sell the various kinds of apparatus alchemists need to make potions, and buy and sell ingredients."

  • Inference(s): Alchemists do not mention actually buying potions. Only that they make and sell them. Can infer that they do not need to buy them when they're a craftsman (leave it to traders to barter).
  • Related Mod(s): Lore-friendly Trade Restrictions makes it so that alchemists do not buy potions - just ingredients.
Enchanter trading :heavy_check_mark:

"I am an enchanter. I enchant things, and sell them. I have scrolls, which are cheap, but only work once, and enchanted items, which work over and over again, but which are NOT cheap. I also make my enchanter's lab available to those who want to enchant items, but who can't afford the expense of building and maintaining a lab. I charge for the service, of course, but you must provide the items, soul gems, and magic effects. I also buy and sell enchanted weapons, enchanted armor, and enchanted clothing."

  • Inference(s): Enchanters only mention buying enchanted goods. Can infer that they do not buy unenchanted goods.
  • Related Mod(s): Lore-friendly Trade Restrictions makes it so that enchanters do not buy unenchanted items.
Saint Balyna :heavy_check_mark:

"Please take the holy implements of the Temple's greatest vampire hunters. When you are ready, the elder vampire Raxle Berne hides from the light in the Dwemer ruin of Galom Daeus. I will mark Uvirith's Grave on your map. From there go south until you reach a river of lava. Follow that river to the west until it ends. Galom Daeus lies ahead of you across another pool of lava." "I see you have brought me a unit of netch leather. Here are several potions, and a little present -- a belt of Balyna's Soothing Balm. Saint Balyna is one of Mara's patron saints, and her dedicated service to the Nine Divines and their followers is a model for us all."

  • Inference(s): The Imperial Cult claims Saint Balyna as one of Mara's patron saints, and yet the Tribunal Temple claims that the belt with her name is a "holy implement" of their faith. Making it appear that both religions claim the saint as their own.
  • Related Mod(s): FMI - Alice's Package makes it so the temple quest no longer gives you the belt.
Sarandas family home :heavy_check_mark:

"I decided to give my parent's house to the Temple. While I'm studying to be a priest, I will be serving here as a teacher, or doing anything else Almsivi requires. I'm sure my parents would be proud. And I feel so much better, now that I'm free of the guilt and shame of my former follies." "The young fellow's family has lived in Ald'ruhn a long time. His parents died recently and left him their house and estate. But Ienas has fallen in with a fast crowd. I believe he's taken to drinking expensive liquor and has incurred some gambling debts. He's a charming lad, everyone likes him, but he's not very sensible, and suddenly becoming rich seems to have made him an irresponsible fool."

  • Inference(s): It's implied that Ienas' parents were wealthy and yet the home they leave him is relatively small.
  • Related Mod(s): Sarandas Family Hearth expands the house.
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